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Monday, May 2, 2011

miss those time

saya akan berada di sini untuk awak, tidak kira apa jua keadaan pun.
friend, eventhough you've hurted me, i'll still be here for you. no joke.
maybe, kau tak perasan yang perasaan ni terguris sebab tindakan kau.
but what can i do. i don't think you even realize that i'm writing this for you.
i'm ranting away as usual. 
untuk pengetahuan semua, jangan tanya aku siapa dia/mereka.
i hope that this person knows. i've been going through a lot about friendships this year.
last year was almost the same. but there's always friends who decided to stay by my side.
i'm glad i have them. and i'm greatful that i have you, mohammad aqim bin razak :)
thank you. only god knows how much i'm lucky to have you.
and dear friends, thank you too. from all the events, quarrels and gaduh-gaduh. i can only conclude that,
those who stick by you through thick and thin are you're real friends.
i know its very cliche, but its true.
can we end this already? please.
i don't like hearing stuff that i don't want to.
i'm hearing something else from this side, and vice versa.
i'd like it to be like old times.
you know, makan-makan dekat MCD, mamak stall,
hanging out together.
remember those happy times.
i'm neutral, cos i ain't wanna be in anybody's side.


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