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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Trully About ME

Nothing Much To Say ..
it's only about me..

my name is NUR AMALIA RAMLI.. Mia was my nick name..
I was born on 5th of November 1993. Being a typical Scorpio ,I often find it hard to make certain choices in my life, how important it may be.
I was born  in Johor and bred in Bandar Sri Damansara..
I  loves MY family very much and cherishes MY friendship dearly. I"M Very sensitive, at the same time enjoys laughing With my friend.You can find that i'm  crying one minute and laughing in the next. All in all, I'm not  too  pretty much as other's girl a sorta dysfunctional human being, in a journey of finding MY TRUE SELF..

OK  i said it  already.. i'm not pretty as u guy's.. me.. it's me.. being me..

i can loves everything and certainly hate anything.
im annoying plus troublemaker. sometimes i hate my new sister, i wanna get rid of her. sometimes i love her.
im stubborn.never ever take advice from people also my parents.hahahah...
so bad~

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