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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trust me


I do,,
I love you..
But why my mind tells me not to..
Tell me how I'm supposed to live without you?
Teach me to forget you..
Ask me to hate you..
But one thing that I'm sure of.
It would never been happened..
When my eyes can't stop watching you..
When my lips can't stop saying your name..
When my mind can't stop thingking about you..
When my heart can't stop LOVING you..
When I said I love you..
It really means I do..
When you said you love me.. do you really mean that? If you did, then you shouldn't leave me now..
When I said I love you, it not just a habit, or want to make a conversation..
I said I love you.. It's for reminding me that LOVING you is the biggest and the most beautiful thing i've ever had..
I love you.. I did.. I do.. and I will..

dedicated to Mr.Q  

1 comment:

  1. agak-agak spe lah MR.Q mia ni kan3 ???
    m,esti special sangat ni??



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