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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi guys...

Today's entry different sikit, because hari ni mia nak promote sikit my cupcake ni,
it's called THE BOTAK'S CUPCAKE. why botak?? hahaha don't ask me why. sebab itu yang terlintas dalam fikiran mia sekarang ni. Btw, cupcake yang sangat simple but nice. i hope i will get some respond from you guys. Coz this is my First Time making cupcake and promote the cupcakes. 

simple saja kan?

captured by phone

      There's chocolate chip, orange flavour and Blueberry flavour.

Pricing : RM12 per box (contain 30 cupcakes)

So kepada sesiapa yang berminat dan ingin beli   THE BOTAK"S CUPCAKE here's how you can order:

To place an order or any enquiries, call us directly:

Mia : 016-3483254
Noraini : 012-9120371

or- you also can email us at :

P/S: pics of our cupcakes will be updated

 interested???call us now =)



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