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Monday, January 3, 2011

Late update again

Hello you guys! miss me?? .. how's your day guy's? How's your life so far and what would you change for this 2011 ? well me..So far so good, I want to get a job first of all, while waiting for my result SPM that would be the best kind of change for me rite??

but will I be able to live a normal life as an adult? like you.. erm, you know what i mean it rite?

OMG i just can't imagine that i'm going to be 18 for this year. And i missed my school of course! hahaha jealous with my sister hahaha, 
Well When I was fifteen, I thought that, at the age of eighteen, I would be able to make my own decision and find a job and married hahaha am i going too far?? haha owh,yeah also get my own car, house..and of course need licence first.
 my mom says if you really want to drive and get your licence you must go and apply for it when you are 18 years old..
memang if i want to belajar driving need wait until my age 18 or what?? hurm? but why some of my friends they already had their licence at their age 17years old??? erm, but nevermind.. i cant wait for it..

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