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Friday, January 28, 2011

i want it so Bad

hello again, It's me ..

guess what? mia always jalan pergi kerja and lalu depan one of this butik '' Butik Lydia'' like i always shopping sana and the dress, accessories it's really nice!  but then the butik sekarang pon dah tak bukak, but there's one of my favourite baju .. OMG i want that dress so bad... every day i walked in front of the butik and always pergi usha that baju.. ''owh Dress i want you so bad''

when can i buy you :(

and Btw, my cupcake is not longer name ''THE BOTAK'S CUPCAKE''
and now my cupcake will become ''FARROWS CUPCAKE'' and Thank's to my besties friend cik Diana Doodle who helped me by Promoting my mini Farrows cupcake. well thank you one's again..

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