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Monday, February 14, 2011


Wow. This is my first time drawing like this? Perfect an? Hahaha. Its perfect for me cause I dun even know how to draw and woots. Finally my drawing menjadi? Hahaha. Im bored. No one pay me. How sad is that? Sigh.

I open paint and I randomly draw this.And wtheck, KLCC? Hahaha. Yeah, I really have no idea what to draw. So, I randomly draw KLCC beside there. Hahahaha. Lame. Sigh.

Gahhh. I hate Valentine's day =(

Can we skip the 14th February? The first fact is I know im gonna be alone and empty and and pathetic. Sigh. Second fact is I never received any special gift or flowers from the loved ones. Previously, I dun even bother bout Valentine's day but I dunno why, right now.. 


  1. skip je valentine tu dear.. jangan skip 14feb hehe

  2. buat apa sambut valentine



1. 16. 17. 62. 63.