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Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Freaky sunday"

but befour that, i'm talking about my book, not my blog okeyh :)

I know it has not escaped your notice that I always carry a ring-bound notebook and a pen.You probably think, “What the heck does that chick write about? haha then mula lah kau pun nak ambil buku aku and OMG, it would be so great if I knew it, kan,kan,kan???


   ...because my diary is basically my personal therapist...
My diary is the best therapist. I can tell it absolutely everything, seghala-galanya tanpa segan dan silu.  and I don’t have to fear criticism (which would make me feel crappy),  Idan yang penting  it can’t pass judgment on me. I don’t know if human therapists actually give you kritik baek punya!

Last word: 
boleh tak kau jangan sibuk-sibuk baca diari aku?? urh! aku panas betul bila ada orang cuba-cuba nak baca diari aku then mula lah nak mengata lah.. nak cakap-cakap bende yang aku tak suke! haih!
manusia-manusia kan.. tak lekang dari menyebok!

please lah!

get your own life!

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