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Friday, December 31, 2010

Long time no post ....

Apparently the last few weaks have disappeared in the blink of an eye, they do say time flies when you’re having fun. In my case however time has flown but I haven’t had that much fun.
You know how it is a day turns in to a week then the week turns in to a month, before you know it it’s Last day of Disember !! Seriously,
This year was supposed to be different, to go slower, I was supposed to accomplish many things, so far nothing! remember my plan?

new year is just around the corner.. what you have been up to guy's? 
while me? i'm doing baking.. waalaa! yummy .. wanna see? sorry ya i'm not captured any picture.. coz the biscuit not looking good at all.. ahahaha my verry 1st time done the biscuit without any one help me yeah, accept my maid laa =.=''

serious i don't have any idea nak update ..tak tahu nak bebel apa dalam ni??..

I have done a fair bit of baking though but stupidly not taken any pictures. I have baked cupcakes to for a New Year Celeberation. 

Anyways, time to start a new chapter in 2011. Must. Post. More. !!!

Also….. what should I bake next???

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