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Monday, December 20, 2010

SPM is Over and happy anneversary

oooo yeaah! 

akhirnya SPM  dah habis, heaven jgn cakap. jangan dengki sape yang tak hanis exam lagi.saya sangatlah  tertunggu tunggu saat habis SPM supaya saya boleh buat apa yang saya suka tanpa halangan yeah!!

Now that Spm is over, i have a long list of things that need to be fullfished as i'm no longer taking SPM! Yepppeee :D I want toShopping (memang kegilaan ku) tidur awal dan bgun lambat. rindu betul zaman bangun lambat. wahhh..
hanging out with friends, dating *ehem2 bla bla bla bla bla.. Upps! ok2.

 it's really ugly i admit it 

Felt so sad when i need to left the school oh my god! i'm gonna miss my school..especially baju sekolah of course!!  
Ah!! Come on...everyone does! Don’t tell me u'r not going to miss your school days...u have to b crazy to say NO ! I miss school like hell man !! 
hye i reeaaaaalllllly do...wish I could turn back time...but sadly I all that I can do right now is feel nostalgic :-) owh yeah bebelan cikgu tidakkan kulupakan juga.. and my secret place of course there is!! hahaha yeah my toilet! =.='' hahaha OMG gonna miss it..  Ok that's enough...

can you find me??? i know ur smart..
awwww cute <3

to encik Aqim Razak 

- wish you our aniversary  
(we have been together 2 year's and 10 week) 
love you so much!!

back to the story -SPM is over!-

yeay! no exam anymore! but there is.. itu pun nanti masuk kolej, exam lagi, exam lagi..haih,

so what i wanna do after SPM yeah? Need to plans..
I love PLANS!!! Planned 2 times what to do after SPM!! Hhaha... 

of course-

1. Go shopping  – watch a movie

Actually I just want to go up town =.='' like no taste. But since I’ve gone to the shopping complex, why not shopping? Shopping for new clothes and shoes~! It will be really fun. it's really fun you guys!!  And the Christmas atmosphere in the mall! I love it!!

2. Zoo Negara – Muzium Negara

Don’t be shocked! And don’t look down on my plan to go to the zoo and museum. I know I know. What lah~ I really really really want to go to the zoo. it's like i never visit the zoo! Animals~!  nak jumpa kawan saya, of courseI want to take many photos with them But I’m not going to that snake’s house. sssssss....


3. KL walkabout

Actually I plan to walk around KL alone. hahaa for sure lepas turun kereta tak akan, saya penakut.. tapi mahu beranikan diri ..tapi masih tak berani. Btw i found that KL,  there are many places to see. I want to take a lot of pictures! 
zap,zap,zap Buildings, hotels, markets, schools, temples, ambassador buildings and lots more. I’ll just walk around and look. But My mom do not  allows me to do that! of course =.=''  Omg if i can I’ll upload the photos! I’ll be discovering a lot of unknown places~! This is really fun!!!

Have to do some research before I start to travel myself. What if I lost? Haha… siapa nak hantar saya balik? siapa yang baik hati? No way I’m going to lost! It’s KL~ wah cakap besar mia oi! Maybe I’ll try to ask some foreigners to take photos with me when I’m travelling! See if I can meet some ‘delicious’ guys. Haha… Just kidding! =.=''

4. Driving lessons

I have to know how to drive as fast as possible. I hate to wait and get stuck because of transportation problem. Taking trains and buses is tiring! I’ll finish the driving lessons and take the driving exam see exam lagi =.='' during the holidays no matter what! Then I can drive to anywhere I want.yeay i can bring my friend Diana,Aqim.. .=.=''hahaha

5. New Year Countdown
Happy New Year

New Year countdown at Grand's Hotel is confirmed!! Good! We’ll countdown there. jumpa di sana yeah! and I’m wondering if we can play fireworks too Lol If I say we play candles, it will be odd. So fireworks, friends?

I hope I have enough time to do all the things I listed!

Plans are perfect. But it’s only more perfect when we do it! I have to fulfill my plans! do share with me some of your plans too ...


  1. wawawwa.. macam2 plan dia ek. :P

  2. yup... hahaha mesti kene plan dulu..

  3. nak tumpang...merdeka...!! merdeka..!! gege..nak ikut g zoo...heeee..nak tgk pingu...

  4. kak jom kak.. jnjy kita jumpaaa waaaa!!!



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