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Monday, October 24, 2011

What i wish For my Birthday

Every year we always have a birthday ,our own special day, a day to celebrate the day we were born with our family and friends, to be grateful for it
We can have a big party or just a small family party like as usual i did before with my friends, but do you ever think , what is exactly do you ever want as a birthday gift ? an I phone, a new Shirt, a new bag, a new laptop or a new car? ahahha i wish

I will have my birthday in a month from now, and I am grateful I still can be here in this world ,enjoying life. but at this moment I really dont know what I want for my birthday, it’s not the thing that I can buy, I want more than just “a Thing”.

Here are things that money can’t buy that I want for my birthday :

1. A smile that will last forever.

this is the small thing but not so easy to have, because there were times when I have to borrow a smile from my friends, when I feel so tired , angry, and sad , the smile just disapperaing.

2. A new hope

New hope that keep on whispering on my ears everytime I want to give up. And keep on giving me the strenght to move on.

3. A new and fresh big dream

I am a dreamer, I keep on dreaming , sometimes even when I’m awake, but the dreams keep me going, push me over the limits, giving me the power to work hard , to get me where I am now. I want a new big dream to take me one step further from where I am now, and one step closer to my stars.

4. To be important in someone’s or people’s life

I always have this lonely feeling , even when I was standing in a crowd, I feel that no body knows that I am existing , I feel like I am invisible. I am somebody in the office, they listen to what I say but still I feel like I am not important or special, feels like no one will miss me when I’m gone.

5. Loyal friends
I want to have friends that will always be there for me even when I’m at my worst, and be patient with my bad attitude.
I have a new best friend , a young girl, so sweet , so honest , so wise and so beautiful, she sees right thru my heart, and draws my story with her own words. She made me cry , her words touched me and I wish I will always have this girl and other friends as my loyal friends, because sometimes I can be so very difficult to handle. How I wish I could have half of her sweetness and her patient.

6. Wisdom and faith
I want to be wiser and mature, to accepting things that I cannot posses or change. To feel happy about me, being myself and to not feel lonely anymore. faith to keep on believing that God will make everything in my life beautiful on the right time, that all rejections that I had was God’s protection.
Life is one big drama, but don’t you know that we are the director of that drama, we create drama in our own life.

I try to avoid it but still get caught and yes this year is a hard year for me, things have not been easy .
but I want my birthday to be a turning point , and I can be happy :D

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